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Look down! #1 Barcelona

On some of the sidewalks of Barcelona you can see some red paving stones with the typical Art Nouveau “Rosa de Barcelona”. They mark out an itinerary that takes you through the “Modernisme Route” of Gaudí, Domènech i Muntaner or Puig i Cadafalch among others.

“Modernisme” is the equivalent of the general trend that emerged in Europe at the begining of 20th century known as Art Nouveau. In Catalonia, though, it has its own unique personality  and character.

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La vida al aire libre: los “Green”

Uno de los elementos distintivos del estilo de vida de las diferentes villas que componen la ciudad de Londres son los llamados “Green” y “Common”. Lugares de encuentro, socialización y de realización de actividades lúdico-deportivas. Son, asimismo, seña de identidad del lugar al que dan nombre.

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Look up! #1 Barcelona

While walking in Barcelona you just need to look up a little bit and enjoy the hidden gems you can find in its facades, main doors, frames and windows. The hidden gem shown in the picture is to the left of “Palau Macaya’s” main door. It shows the figure of a cyclist and hides a beautiful story. It was a gift from the sculptor to the architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch who was, at he same time, building another art nouveau building (“Casa Ametller”) and used to ride from one construction site to the other on a bicycle.

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A Roman Temple inside a Renaissance house

In the heart of the Gothic Quarter, inside a 15th century building, which is now the “Hiking and Mountaineering Centre of Catalonia”, you can find three imposing columns of the Augustus Roman Temple. It’s not easy to find but it’s really fascinating discovering this amazing monument in a place you would never expect.

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