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Hemos vuelto!! Después de un largo paréntesis aquí estamos de nuevo con mucha ilusión, novedades y personajes únicos con muchas ideas creativas por compartir!

We are back! After a break, longer than expected, here we are again with great enthusiasm, news and extraordinary people willing to share creative ideas!

Hem tornat! Després d’un llarg parèntesis aquí estem de nou amb molta il.lusió, novetats i personatges únics amb moltes idees creatives per compartir!

“Photography reminds me about who I am and why I am here on this earth and on this journey” Ardeshir Lessan

Ardeshir defines himself as an engineer by training, an artist by instinct and a loving single dad. Such combination of, apparently, very different features could seem even contradictory but, in fact, gives us a full perspective of his passion: photography. It started when he was a child in his hometown, Teheran and has always been there as an inner voice. You can definitely feel his cultural heritage and his life’s experiences through his pictures. Ardeshir, with his camera, shoots stories, not just moments. All his pictures have a story behind which he shares in a very personal way. We invite you to see London and Barcelona through his eyes. Don’t miss out his website to find out more about him and his love story with photography (

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Londres,semana #20-2017

El “Painted Hall” en el Old Royal Naval College de Greenwich, también conocida como la “Capilla Sixtina Inglesa”, fue diseñada por Sir Christopher Wren y Nicholas Hawksmoor en 1698. En la actualidad se está llevando acabo un ambicioso proyecto de conservación y pueden hacerse tours para aprender más acerca de esta espectacular obra de arte. Una experiencia única.

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Look down! #1 Barcelona

On some of the sidewalks of Barcelona you can see some red paving stones with the typical Art Nouveau “Rosa de Barcelona”. They mark out an itinerary that takes you through the “Modernisme Route” of Gaudí, Domènech i Muntaner or Puig i Cadafalch among others.

“Modernisme” is the equivalent of the general trend that emerged in Europe at the begining of 20th century known as Art Nouveau. In Catalonia, though, it has its own unique personality  and character.

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“I love helping people to achieve their dreams” Ramona da Gama

Ramona is a perfect reflection of London: passionate about the city, multifaceted, cosmopolitan and with an impressive background. She is the founder and runs three different businesses: a media sales consultancy, a Kensington-based jazz club and an strategy growth coacher who helps SMEs accelerate growth, entrepreneurs move from employment to starting their own businesses and large corporations increase their value through sustainability, employee engagement initiatives and change management. We have enjoyed a lovely walk through one of her favourite parks: Holland Park, an oasis in the middle of Kensington neighbourhood, full of charming corners. As a lover of a good conversation, it has been an real pleasure to share talk and coffee with her. Thank you Ramona!

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