It’s vermut time

A weekend is not a weekend without a good vermut before lunch time. Olives, chips, anchovies, cockles, bravas… Find a nice terrace if it’s sunny or enjoy the inside of a traditional bar.



Lunch time, especially on weekends, never happens before 2pm. It’s really typical to meet up with friends or family before lunchtime to eat little plates with the typical drink that gives name to this weekend way of life… Fancy a vermut?

If it’s a sunny day, you can enjoy a vermut in one of the fantastic terraces that you can find everywhere in Barcelona. Remember that the point of the vermut time is to whet your appetite, therefore you shouldn’t eat too much. Olives and bravas are the most usual appetisers but in every bar you will find a wide variety of choices.

Don’t forget to accompany the little ‘tapas’ with the typical ‘vermut’ which is is white wine macerated in herbs. Its aroma and taste is very characteristic. There is red vermut which is sweet and white vermut which is dry.

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