Nothing can compete with the delicious “churros con chocolate

One of the most delicious pleasures you can enjoy in Barcelona is the traditional “churros con chocolate” which is a brilliant combination of thick and rich dark chocolate with a sweet fried dough called “churros” or “porras”, in its thicker and bigger version. What does tradition say about how and when this should be enjoyed?

We love “churros con chocolate”, we really do!

There are 3 occasions on which the tradition says you should eat them:

  • Sunday morning

One of the most fond memories of chilhood was waiting for your mum or dad to come back from the “churreria” with a cardboard wrapped full of churros for a Sunday breakfast.

  • After a night out

The best way to avoid a hangover is to finish a night out by visiting one of the famous “churrerías” of Barcelona and buying some churros. And, by the way, when we talk about finishing a night out we mean 6h or 7h in the morning. The “churrerías” usually open around 5h in the morning

  • On winter evenings

One of Barcelona’s winter traditions is walking around the Gothic Quarter and ending up in one of the cafes in carrer Petritxol  where you can find the most delicious “churros con chocolate” or, in another version, “melindros con chocolate”, a kind of soft ladyfinger that you can dip in chocolate, as well.


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